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If I could photograph only one thing for the rest of my life, these sessions would be it. As much as I try to accomplish this idea in a regular photo session, 3 hours just isn't enough to really document some of the more subtle nuances of life. But being with you for a whole day, for the full spectrum of light and emotions and meals and hues that a given day has to offer, allows for that sort of small moments memory preservation.

I still love for the bulk of these session to take place in your home, but we can also do another activity or two that might define you as a family- a drive to the redwoods, a bike ride to the beach . . . my focus is still on the typical, beautiful, monotonous, sticky, love-filled course of your day-- the cat brushing against your calf, toddlers screaming, you and your partner flashing each other a knowing wink, all that mixed with light reflecting on the walls, dirty dishes in the sink, close-ups of freckles, and the tightness of an embrace.

Day in the Life sessions start just as everyone is taking those first morning stretches, and they end with goodnight kisses.