Melissa and Dillon, married in Tulare

Melissa is Shawn's cousin. (But really, who isn't?! That guy has like 97 of them or something). Her and Dillon and their sweet little baby Mia live in Idaho but they came out to CA to get married at Dillon's parent's farm a few months ago. And at the last minute, Melissa asked if I could take the pictures. Well, hopefully they wanted like 50% of the pictures to be of their second cousins (my children :)) cause I took a whole bunch of those!

There are a few of Melissa and Dillon in there too. They said 'i do' under an arbor Dillon built, and on the very farm he grew up on. (His niece, one of the bridesmaids, even had to get up during dinner to go feed the horses!) The sunlight and greenery and baby goats were enough to make me think we should all move to Tulare. Or at least get married there. 

*Note Clementine crying during the ceremony every time she noticed me :)