Kainoa is Five, last summer

I have so many photo shoots waiting to be shared but I keep not doing it because I keep thinking I'm gonna have time to get my website done, and I'll want to share them then. But in order for that to happen I would have to have more than 3 free minutes in the day and that just isn't in the cards at this stage in my life. (But one day. Oh my forever and always 'one day').

In the meantime, here's one of those many shoots sitting. I saw Pam last week and it reminded me how much I loved these photos. I've done a photo shoot with her family each time one of their three kids has turned 5. Each time it's been at a different house while they were living in a different neighborhood. And I feel more than my fair share of satisfaction that each of those have been documented ;)

This family is an ideal mix of sporty and bookish, outdoorsy and homebodies, fun and focused, and I think these capture all of that, and them.